Wednesday, November 3, 2004

Red States For Sale

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Red States
For Sale. Not really used. Want to Must sell immediately. Any bid entertained.


  1. If the Blue States want to leave and take their high crime and high taxes elsewhere, they are welcome to; as long as they take their elitist attitude with them.

  2. Please someone bid!
    I would happy to form a new blue state country and leave the red states to their uneducated red neck ways.
    (high crime? Where did that come from)

  3. Yup, the healing has begun! :) You don't want to sell off the whole state. Check out these

    to see where the real separation is.

  4. 1868? I think you mean 1865...

  5. Hey, I'll buy the red states. How much? Do you take PayPal? Twas working a few days ago in the yard without sunscreen on the neck and got burnt. Pretty red right now, my neck that is. Ain't too bad a purchase if you ask me. Lots o' land and natural resources and more elbow room. But does holding an Engineering Ph.D. disqualify me from the red-neck discount pricing? I will offer enough money for you to seek a little therapy to get over your Sore-Loserman syndrome to sweeten the deal. Does that sound amicable?

  6. ...Sore-Loserman...

    Hey, I have a shirt that says that! Got it on ebay about 4 years and a couple weeks ago.

    I thought about wearing to work yesterday but didn't

  7. I'm really blueNovember 5, 2004 at 3:59 AM

    I feel your pain.
    Clearly, our country has vast reality differences . . .
    What I don't get is that the people who voted for
    Bush cited Moral Values as their biggest
    reason . . .
    Just because someone claims God is on their side,
    how does that make them moral?
    Especially when you consider all the people who
    have died for an agenda based on deceit . . .
    We now need all the Blue State people to pray that we all can survive the next 4 years . . .
    Which country will we invade next?
    Whose going to stop these maniacs?

  8. Hey all... Check this out, if you haven't already seen it! It would be tough to get a good bid:-)