Saturday, September 10, 2005

JavaCast - will be baakk

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Brandon Werner, one of the two guys who started the JavaCast, and apparently the one guy who owns the JavaCast name and web site, decided Java is soooooo boring. As is programming. As is the entire tech industry.

So even though the JavaCast has over 30,000 descriptions and a large number of separate downloads (perhaps by people who haven't seen the light with iTunes), not only did he quit -- he took the web site down with him. Not even a postscript telling people what happened.

I just talked to
Dick Wall,
the other JavaCast guy. He's about as confused and disappointed as I am, and definitely wants to continue the broadcasts. He's working on finding bandwidth etc. So good news - the JavaCast will be back in some form, but probably with a different name.

Here's a suggestion: JavaCats?

P.S. Dick has described the situation himself here.


  1. [Trackback] I've listened to every JavaCast episode so far and it has been very refreshing. Of course, there are things to dislike such as Brandon Werner's rants (as noted by David ), a format that's too long (how many people commute 90 minutes?) and IMO some n...

  2. Give the guy a break.. Dick Wall can sort something out - I'm sure Java Cast will be back again sometime.