Friday, October 15, 2004

Writing from my couch... finally....

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I finally fixed my home wireless network. I work at home three days
a week, and my home office is in the garage. The problem is the wireless
router's signal only barely reaches into the house -- so when I try to
sit on the couch with my laptop I can't actually be online. And thanks
to Murphy's Law, if I'm not online I'll definitely run into some issue
where I need online access - either to access a CVS repository to look
at a file history, or perhaps googling some API.

So I finally went out and bought a wireless network Range
Extender. You just place it near the edge of your current reception
area, and it talks to your existing router, duplicates the id etc. and
effectively extends the range of the network from the new
location. Sounds easy in theory -- but it took three calls to tech
support, one lasting nearly an hour as we kept resetting the router
and range extenders. There were lots of snags - positioning of the
devices during configuration, upgrading firmware - and then the
biggest problem: some problem with the device they apparently know about
(but didn't realize while helping me) where the "valid link" light doesn't turn on when it in fact -is-

Oh well, I'm happily blogging this from my couch!! And I'm noticing
several Sun bloggers are posting many good political blog entries...
Alec Muffett,
Tim Bray,
Geoff Arnold
and others.

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