Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Designtime API Guide Available

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Joe Nuxoll has published the Creator

Design Time API Guide
for JSF components. This guide tells you how to add design time behavior to your components such that
users of your components can have a rich experience with them in the IDE - you can create interactive
wizards run at component drop, write customizers for the components, allow your components to specify
which components are allowed as children of your container component, etc. etc. I have a special fondness
for these APIs since they are how you can "talk" to the designer :-) (The

API javadocs
have been available online for a while.)

He will also soon be hosting an online chat
on the subject. If you're a JSF component developer you definitely want to both read the article in depth
and check out the chat!

Joe has a blog but it looks like he needs a nudge to start writing...
Take it away, Joe!

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