Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Hello from Shanghai

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Hi there,

here's just a little quick entry written from my hotel room in
Shanghai, China. I'm here for a very quick trip - I arrived last night,
I'm spending three days here and then flying home on Saturday.
I'm here to talk to some potential Creator partners and customers.
There won't be any time for sightseeing, which is too bad, given how
interesting this city is. I would especially like to go to the historical
museum. Perhaps I can cram it in before the flight on Saturday...

Now a couple of quick tips. I've written a couple of blog entries on
expression evaluation. I heard from two readers that they couldn't get
this to work when referencing their own beans - it only worked
with the "builtin" page and session beans. The reason for this is that
expression evaluation works with managed beans. These are beans
that are managed by JSF - which means they are created on demand by
the framework. You need to register your own beans in the
managed-beans.xml file, which you can find in the Project

Second, if you want to track the IDE's memory usage over time, you
can enable the "Memory Meter". Right click in the toolbar (not over
a toolbar button), and you'll see a list of available toolbar items.
One is the "Memory" item. Select it, and your toolbar will now display
a little graph showing you memory usage over time. Perhaps useful if
you're observing occasional sluggishness and you're wondering if your
project working set is using up your available heap space, or if you wonder if
occasional pauses are related to garbage collection.

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