Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"I still love Java after all these years"

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Be sure not to miss the latest Java Posse interview: #9 - Joshua Bloch. In case you don't know, he's behind java.math, the Java Collections framework, annotations, and my personal favorite book on programming: Effective Java.

In the interview you'll hear what he would like changed in the Java libraries, you'll hear about his plans for an update to the Effective Java book, his thoughts on Ruby and Python, and of course we cover his feelings about Java. The title of this blog entry is a direct quote.

I won't, and haven't, posted a note every time there is a new Java Posse episode. (There is a blog on the javaposse page you can subscribe to for that.) But I really didn't want you to miss this one!

One note on the audio quality. You may notice that the interview episodes have lower quality audio then our news programs. That's because when we interview people, we need to use either the phone, or some kind of voice over ip solution like Skype, which means we can't use the better quality (but harder to set up) rig we have for our own recording sessions. Bear with us. We're looking into better solutions for the future.

If anybody would like to create transcripts of some of the interviews (people have requested them) we don't have time to do that ourselves but would happily post contributed transcripts.

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