Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Spoona Sutra - another Java conference trip report

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I'm spending this week in Europe. Yesterday I was in Antwerp for
JavaPolis - an annual Java conference in Belgium hosted by the local
(and very active) user group. I did a talk on Creator. I basically
lost my voice the previous night through heated and interesting
discussion... so talking for two hours the following afternoon
was pretty tough. And not good for voice recovery - so I'm not
sure I can do a remote podcast with
the guys
this week. Too bad, since I had dinner with
Romain Guy
last night and can finally pronounce his name correctly!

The conference was held in a really interesting venue: a modern
movie theater (which perhaps explains the name - the movie
theater is named Metropolis).
That meant the seating was unbelievably comfortable -
soft seats, tall backs (tall enough that you can rest your head),
and best of all - a giant projection screen - the movie
screen itself. It's pretty amazing to see your tool running on
a giant movie screen! No need to worry about small fonts... The
picture on the right shows
Ludo in action.

To combat the jetlag I went and grabbed some coffee. I added
sugar, but couldn't find spoons anywhere. So I had to stir with my
finger. Then I noticed

where all the spoons had gone - and what they're doing!

(Yes, that's the official artwork used by the
conference - on slide templates, on publicity posters, on T-shirts, etc!)

Unfortunately I could only stay in Antwerp one day. I'm spending the
rest of the week in Prague, where we're having many important
planning meetings. I'm sure I will miss many interesting presentations.
During Ludo's presentation yesterday morning he demoed
a new AJAX-ified version of PetStore. It looked fabulous. He also
mentioned the high performant "Grizzly" engine in Glassfish, which
uses java.nio to get extremely high performance. I'm going to find
out more!

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  1. What do you wanna know about, "the high performant 'Grizzly' engine in Glassfish" ? Be glad to talk to you about it. My fingerprints, along with a few others, are all over it :-)