Friday, June 30, 2006

JavaOne talks available online

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The JavaOne 2006 talks are now available online. Not only do you get the slides - you get the audio, and even a written transcript! All synchronized on auto play. Sit back and enjoy all the talks you missed! Especially those of you who couldn't make it to the conference this year. This resource is available free of charge for anyone - you just need a SDN (Sun Developer Network) login (also free).

It's pretty cool that written transcripts are provided. That lets you cruise through the talks if you're a fast reader and you don't want to sit and listen to the speakers. Somebody must have gone to a lot of trouble creating the transcripts - actually listening to all the talks and typing them in. In the case of our
Visual Basic talk, it's a bit entertaining though. John was joking that while Herbert is German, he would identify himself as Bavarian. The transcript says Liberian rather than Bavarian...

Not all talks (specifically, BOFs) are included. The Java Posse BOF for example. However, I recently got a link from a Java user group with Google video extracts from the show. See it
here - thanks to Peter Pilgrim. You can obviously get the full audio from the show at the Java Posse website.

You can find all the online sessions here.

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