Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot hot hot!

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It's unbelievably hot where I live! 111 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade - that's 44 degrees Celsius. My thermometer said 115 F, and I can believe that since I live in a part of town that is hotter than downtown where the official temperature is taken.

This of course is not conducive to working! Unfortunately, there is nothing good on TV - and I've seen all the movies in the movie theaters that according to critics are worth seeing. Not a large percentage might I add.

At least we get cool nights in California, so I can spend the morning hours web surfing a bit until it gets unbearable.
Oliver Widder has posted a cartoon related to coding styles (a frequent topic on my blog). A number of people have expressed an interested in this, so it will probably be the topic of an upcoming Java Posse episode.

P.S. My favorite drink to consume in the heat is the Mojito. It's made with ice, mint, rum, lime, and sugar. Unlike the original recipe (google it), I actually blend all the ingredients in a blender such that you get pureed mint leaves in the drink. This gives it a stronger mint flavor - which is a good thing!


  1. Interesting, California has much higher temperatures than we have here on Borneo near equator - it's around 32 degrees Celsius in here. Czech republic is tropical these days, too. Something's seriously wrong...

  2. jeremiah johnsonJuly 23, 2006 at 2:07 PM

    but its only 15% humidity!
    try 105 degrees F with 85% humidity for a few days, then go back to California and 111f with 15% humidity will feel like 75f.
    with 85% humidity your sweat doesn't evaporate and you get no natural cooling. 15% humidity means you can walk outside and get enough air movement that your sweat can cool you down to a comfortable level.

  3. Even worse than in Prague.... Thanks to air condition in the office otherwise the 93°F last week would kill me.

    I'll try a Mojito next time, it's good idea ;)

  4. Tor, to ask the obvious, don't you have AC? It's hot here too; I just can't go outside.