Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Writing internationalized web applications with Creator

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This is just quick a pointer to a great blog entry I came across written by Gregory Murphy (from the Creator team) which tells you how to work with resource bundles in Creator. Until now, writing a web application with proper resource bundle lookups has meant giving up some WYSIWYG aspects, because the <f:loadBundle> tag is not interpreted at designtime. But with Gregory's solution, we finally have a simple way to get designtime display of the localized text.


  1. Nice,
    Do you have a link concerning dynamic internationalization with SWING/AWT ? I'm looking for a way to change language of an app without restarting it...But can't find anything else that a PPT written for JavaOne 2005 explaining some I18nUtils but can't find these "utils" anywhere. It seems that nobody wrote that before...( or at least not shared to java community) ?

  2. Maybe this will help you: Looks like it might require some heavy lifting though (e.g. recursing through your component hierarchy using Component.getComponent(index).

  3. Is there a way to change the behaviour to get the text from a database instead of from a resource file?
    Thanks Chris