Thursday, September 7, 2006

Welcome JRuby

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Sun has hired the two primary JRuby developers,
Charles Nutter and
Thomas Enebo.
This is great news for JRuby, because it will now be their full time job to work on it.
(JRuby is an implementation of the Ruby language that runs on top of the Java platform.)

This obviously fits well with our strategy to support multiple languages on the JVM, and in particular,
dynamic and scripting languages. In fact,
Charles and Thomas is joining the group I'm in, so hopefully a lot of the tool support we have built to support BASIC will also benefit JRuby. Going forward there will probably be a lot of cross pollination.

Welcome to Sun, Charles and Thomas! Charles has already blogged about joining Sun.


  1. hi tor,

    I was gonna ask Tim Bray "why they(SUN) aren't hiring the JRuby guys ? Are they waiting for MS to steal them and make .NET THE PLATFORM ?" but JIT SUN got 'em. Congrats!!

    While I'm on the subject, how come sun did NOT get the Daniel Robbins, the guy who launched/managed Gentoo Linux ? Now that he's out of MS, he should be a prime candidate to lead/guide the OpenSolaris and other OSS community efforts ?



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