Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NetBeans + Ruby = True

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Click on image for full size. Some things to notice: semantic highlighting (for example, parameters are shown in different colors than local variables), code completion, mark occurrences (other uses of the length method under the caret is highlighted), ...

You'll see more at JavaPolis... and on this blog!


  1. Wow. Any hints on deployment features (for RoR) from within NetBeans?


  2. Hey Tor,
    You're a hero among champions (or champion among heroes, whichever you prefer). This looks fantastic. Looking forward to trying it out whenever it becomes available.

  3. hi there,

    look forward to this bundle. taking any beta testers ?



  4. What about Eclipse's Ctrl+Shift+R support in NetBeans? Or Ctrl+Shift+N in IDEA. Without these shortcuts, NetBeans is useless IMHO. ;-)

  5. Hi Matt,
    I asked Roman Strobl the "Go to File" or "Open File" dialogs (equivalent to Idea's Ctrl+Shit+N).
    He assured me that this is planned to Netbeans 6.0.

  6. great news. I am looking forward to this.
    RDT in Eclipse is already quite good. but competition is always good. Netbeans has made
    great steps with the last versions. So I hope that Ruby support will be really great.

  7. Can you explain what you have done to integrate NB with JRuby? And how can I use NB as the IDE for JRuby?

  8. In the hmac_md5 method, in the body of the first (and only) if, why 'key' is not highlighted as a parameter name?

  9. Hi! I'm an RDT developer and currently working on refactoring support (see website). I'm very interested in your code, how you implemented your rename. Could you tell me what I have to check out and build? I've never used NetBeans and I'm quite lost in the repository :) Thanks!

  10. Hi Tor, this is indeed great news. Do you have an opensource project for the JRuby support in NetBeans? I would like to try it. Thanks.

  11. Thank God! you spared Eclipse. May people like you live longer so that Eclipse lives longer.

  12. [Trackback]
    No soy un fanático de los IDEs pero definitivamente cosas como esta ayudan a correr la voz acerca de Ruby.
    Más información en:
    NetBeans + Ruby = true
    Vía el amigo Igvir