Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Posse Night

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We had a fun in-person recording session for the Java Posse last night over at Joe's house. This was hopefully the first of many to come, since Dick started working at Google yesterday, and is in the process of moving from Georgia to California. Since we're all swamped with work and life it was definitely an unprepared podcast, but we eventually got into some technical discussions. And we accumulated more clips for the outtakes reel.

Here's the crew, from right to left: Dick, Carl, Joe, me.

(Other sizes at Joe's flickr page).


  1. Are you guys going to share this episode with the rest of the world? That would be great ;-).

  2. Lots of geekness in the picture except for the drinks, neither coke nor coffee - whats up with that? ;)

  3. It was White Russians - Joe's specialty. And yes, the episode will go out there - Carl is doing the editing this week and there were lots of flub points!