Monday, January 22, 2007

Ruby Screenshot of the Week #2

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Here are some things to notice:

  • NetBeans knows you're creating a method definition for a class, so it only
    shows method matches that are inherited from the superclass. In this case,
    we're inheriting from Integer and there are two method matches that start with "ab" - one from
    Numeric and one from Object.
  • It shows documentation for the method, based on the rdoc
  • It shows where each method is coming from
  • It's dealing with moderately broken source


  1. When do you get to try this? I am dying to try out. For now, I am using vim-omni-completion but desperately wanting to try it.

  2. I second stinky, dynamic language like Ruby but with such great tool support would really rock. It's done when its done or can we get a hint of a milestone release?

  3. If all goes according to the plan it will go out in Milestone 7 - no promises, not legally binding, yada yada. But hopefully very soon.

  4. I'm **crazy** to test it! Thank you guy for giving us this.

  5. I remember netbeans really rocked when i was using it about a year ago. Can't wait to use it again - for ruby this time!
    Even with an alpha release i would personally make a party :D

  6. This looks just awesome Tor. If you need any helpers to test it out, please let us (especially me ;-) know.

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