Friday, April 20, 2007

Upcoming Gigs

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It's been a busy month, and it's only going to get busier. Here are some public speaking events that are coming up - I hope you can make it to some of them:

  • I will be speaking at the SD Forum Ruby Conference this weekend, at the San Jose tech museum, with JRuby developer Nick Sieger

  • I have a technical session coming up at JavaOne, TS-9972, along with Martin Krauskopf who is developing the Ruby debugger for NetBeans. It's Thursday afternoon the week of JavaOne.

  • I will also be speaking at NetBeans Day in a Ruby session along with
    JRuby developers Tom Enebo and Charlie Nutter

  • The JavaPosse also has several appearances - there's our BOF Tuesday night at 10pm, we'll be the "lunch entertainment" at NetBeans Day, and we're also planning to do a live episode the following week at the Silicon Valley JUG.

  • Finally, I was recently interviewed on the SDN channel regarding the NetBeans Ruby support. You can find the episode here (you can also subscribe to the SDN via iTunes, it's a video podcast). My segment is about 16 minutes into it, following sections on NetBeans 6 by Tim Boudreau and a Matisse demo by Roman Strobl.

P.S. Another demo tutorial for the NetBeans Ruby on Rails support was just published - it's here. Along with Roman's demo, these are now shipping as sample applications, so you can download the applications themselves and play with the bits.


  1. I'm curious - why is it that none of the screenshots/webcasts talk about how you run tests? Instead they jump straight to viewing things in browsers, something most ruby developers don't do very often. Life is all about running the appropriate test(s) for the thing you're working on.

    Which of my tests are failing? Where are they failing? Can I see the stack trace for the test that failed? Can I see the console output for just that test? Any way to tell me that a test that was passing is now failing? Is all this presented in some useful way so I don't have to look through all the text output for the tests? Those are the things I'd like to see demo'ed. They're how I spend most of my day coding Ruby, and they're by far the most important part of an IDE for Ruby. RadRails does a decent job at this, but there are features it doesn't have that would be great to see in NetBeans.