Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NetBeans Ruby support interview

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Roman and Gregg interviewed me in the latest episode of the NetBeans podcast.

Here are the shownotes from Roman's blog:

  • 0:00 Introduction and Tor's podcasting, he's also a podcaster at the Javaposse

  • 2:30 What Tor has worked on at Sun: Java Studio Creator,
    Project Semplice,
    and the Ruby

  • 5:00 Overview of Ruby features in the
    NetBeans IDE

  • 7:25 Debugging Ruby

  • 9:50 Rails support

  • 10:51 Switching between Ruby implementations

  • 11:49 Implementation of the type inference and code completion logic

  • 17:10 Implementation of refactoring features

  • 18:54 Features Tor wants to implement next

  • 21:33 Community feedback

  • 23:17 Why should Java developers look at Ruby?

  • 26:38 Other Ruby development tools

  • 29:49 A version of NetBeans IDE that just has Ruby support?
    Check out this page on deadlock

  • 32:16 Opportunities for contributors and cool features; check out the
    wiki page.

  • 34:55 Support for other dynamic languages.
    Erlang IDE based
    on Tor's code.

The episode is here, subscription is here.


  1. would be great if someone (e.g. Roman...hint hint) could put some more screencasts together on using Netbeans from a Ruby perspective. There seems to be more shortcuting, re-factoring etc support that would be great to be captured in a series of screencasts. If not now then for the NB6 release.
    One thing that's great with Ryan's screencasts (http://railscasts.com/) are the way you get to see the key combinations he uses in the top-right during the screencast. This would be great for the Netbeans screencasts too.

  2. I have to agree with GregH... Netbeans screencasts would be GREAT!... I'm new to the Ruby world and it's been over 5 years since I've used Netbeans...(still working with homesite 5 (for hmtl) and editpad).. so it would be great so seen some screen casts building sample apps, unit testing, etc... i look forward to diving back into Netbeans.. hopefully i can find my way around..
    ~ Golden Eye ~

  3. Hi Tor. I wonder how hard can it be to implement a new syntax highligter.
    Also, I'm sure the answer will be no, but... :) ¿can i import a syntax highliter from eclipse to netbeans?
    I'm looking for a way to highlite haml, a markup language for rails. (http://groups.google.com/group/haml/files has an eclipse hiliter for haml)
    If is not very simple, i could be on my way just telling netbeans to edit haml files as they where rhtml. Is there any way i could configure that behavior in netbeans?
    Thank you!