Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ruby Screenshot of the Week #26: Ruby 1.9 Changes - hashes and case statements

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Ruby 1.9 has been released. It's a "development" version meaning that you wouldn't want to use it in production, but now is a good time to learn the new ways of doing things such that migrating to Ruby 2.0 will be easier.

Via Ruby Inside, I read
James Edward Gray's recent blog entry
detailing the work he did to update his library to 1.9 - and a number of people leaving comments are also pointing out language changes.

One such change mentioned is case/when statements not allowing colon as a separator. (I don't see this in Ruby Changes Wiki - does anyone have a source for this?). Seems like a a good candidate for a Ruby quickfix:

There are a couple of available fixes:

The first one is just replacing the colon with a then:

The second fix is instead putting the statement on a separate indented line:

Another language change I found in Sam Ruby's post is that you cannot write hashes as lists anymore. Here's a quickfix for that - first the code, this is from webrick's httpstatus class:

The quickfix is attached to the first list entry in the hash:

And previewing the fix shows the following proposed edit:

As usual, the NetBeans Ruby forums can be accessed via Nabble here and Gmane newsreaders here (other feedback channels here).

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