Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Multilingual NetBeans: PHP, Python, Scala

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I've mostly been writing about Ruby and JavaScript on this blog, but NetBeans is getting strong language support in other languages as well!

First, take a look at the PHP support. Petr Pisl, Tomas Slota, Radek Matous, Tomas Mysik and others have been posting screenshots and
feature descriptions regularly on their team NetBeans PHP blog. Check it out - code completion,
quick fixes, semantic highlighting - we're going to have a fantastic PHP IDE! Here's a screenshot - look at the unused method detection for example:

The Python support is starting to shape up too - here's a screenshot of code folding, semantic highlighting and instant rename refactoring.

Coming soon - code completion and other editing goodies.

And I just now noticed a post from Caoyuan Deng
that his Scala support for NetBeans is now built on top of the native scala compiler. His editing support is already feature packed (take a look at his blog for some of the past entries) and now that he has 100% language parity things are looking very very good!

Last but not least: InfoWorld has reviewed 9 Ruby IDEs,
and NetBeans came out on top!

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