Thursday, March 25, 2010

IDE tips

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One of the sessions we had at the Roundup was one entitled "IDE tips and tricks". We basically sat there with our laptops and did a show & tell of various "hidden" IDE features we knew about to help productivity. There were Eclipse, IntelliJ and NetBeans users there - and even some advocacy for Vim :) We discovered pretty quickly that this would not make for compelling listening, so we just turned off the recorder.

One thing I discovered (and which I saw during our languages coding dojo day as well) is that a lot of people don't use many of the productivity boosters. Therefore, I thought I'd bring some of these up here. Since I've been intending to start blogging more again, I'll make this a regular "column".

To kick things off, I'll just point to an old blog entry which is still relevant: Hippie Completion. Learn to use Ctrl-K while editing, it will be worth your while. (Eclipse has this too as of Eclipse 3.1; I believe it's bound to Alt-/).

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