Sunday, November 8, 2009

JavaFX Coding Conventions

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I've been writing a lot of JavaFX code over the last year. After some tweaking I've arrived at a style that I like a lot. I notice that even on my team there are some variations in how people format their code, so I thought I would document what I like in case this helps others get started. (I did a quick google search and didn't find any JavaFX coding convention documents anywhere. The closest thing I found was a blog entry, but while it contains a lot of good advice, the style it recommends does not match the practice of the JavaFX team (or the Sun Java style) either). Therefore, I thought I would document what I consider good JavaFX coding conventions.

Rather than post them here in a blog entry, I placed them in a Wiki page such that they can easily be improved and kept up to date as I get feedback and in case I change my mind :)

You can find the coding conventions document here:

P.S. I will be speaking at Devoxx in Antwerp, Belgium next week! Hope to meet some of you there!