Monday, September 27, 2004

Creator's Easter Egg

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This is not going to help you in your day to day work, but.... here's how you can get to Creator's easter egg (if you're in Sun management, please look away...). Open the designer, drop an Output Text component, change its label to (exactly) "DonkeyOnTheEdge" (who can spot the movie reference?) and then double click on it. Voila!

You can use arrow up and down to speed up or slow down the scrolling list, and hit space to pause and unpause.

Hopefully nobody who participated in the 1.0 release were forgotten from the list. The easter egg code is hidden in a sneaky way inspired by
some code obfuscation ideas by
Peter van der Linden. I highly recommend his Just Java book. I think he has a new edition that he was signing at JavaOne right after the Creator book signing.


  1. Java Studio Creator is just Sun's wannabe-product to compete with poor old Visual Basic, why doesnt anyone complain about "Other" companies copying Microsoft, but as soon as MS does something similar to another company everyone starts the sterotypical talk on MS... Java is old technology, dying old rusty technology. Sun needs to work extensively to improve the JavaVM before it's any use on any OS (including their own Solaris) in terms of performance.

  2. Mats, you know you want Java to be popular, its been you life for a while now (as is so many others)... but face it, people arent as interested in Java as they once were. JSP for instance, isnt it going through many 'changes' to get more of a "ASP.NET" look and feel? Faces=ASP.NET Web Controls?
    Seeing java developers brag on about Java is even funnier:-)