Sunday, September 19, 2004

In France This Week

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I'm spending this week in Paris and Toulouse in France attending
various meetings with customers and potential customers for Creator.
We'll be doing various demos and listening to suggestions and
requirements for upcoming releases.

I was hoping to work on the plane from San Francisco, but couldn't;
I've finally discovered a disadvantage to my nice 17 inch Apple
laptop: I can't open the screen on a plane when the guy in
front of me reclines the seat as far back as it will go... And thanks
Murphy's Law
of course the person in front of me went to sleep a half hour
after the flight started and woke up a half hour before we
landed... I saw other people with small laptops happily work through
the night.... Grrrr.... On the other hand, I was able to read href=""> a book on JavaScript
so I did get something useful out of those hours.

And I
also did get to do some coding yesterday. After spending all morning in the
beautiful Versailles, I needed to rest my legs so I did some coding in
the hotel room. Rather than fix bugs I worked on a new feature. I wish
I could tell you all about it, but... it's top secret!

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