Sunday, November 21, 2004

Back In Business

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I just got back from a really nice week in Prague. I got to see
some demos of upcoming NetBeans features. Unbelievably cool.
The form editor has a new design mode which is just going to,
well, kick ass. No more

gridbag, dude
The new mobile stuff is also fantastic. NetBeans is really
getting fabulous.

What's the deal with airports and power sockets? I really wanted to
connect my laptop while waiting for my next flight (and the battery
was flat) yet I couldn't find a place to plug in anywhere in Frankfurt
I had the same experience last year at Heathrow. That time I finally found
one in the middle of nowhere, but as soon as I had gotten comfortable
security came by and told me to leave because there's some kind of
"danger" with having people connect their own hardware to the airport power
net. In Frankfurt I walked around for 45 minutes before locating a
place to plug in -- at the airport McDonalds. So I was lovin' it...

1 comment:

  1. Agreed, the editor is the key and it will get better.
    Try ALT-SHIFT-S for parse-tree selection (equivalent of CTRL-W) in NetBeans 4.0 (currently in RC stage).
    And thanks for suggestions, Pavel