Sunday, November 7, 2004

Source Code Profanity

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The source code for J2SE 5.0 has been made available. Slashdot covered the event, and one of the posts
showed that the community has already

poured over the source code in an attempt to clean up its quality...

I immediately started a search command on the current Creator source to see if we have any juicy comments I can share with you.... But we don't. I tried successively less "offensive" words, and the only hits I got were for "stupid" and "lame"...

xxx/ * is really lame. The problem is that at the top level, I need
xxx/ // insertTab is too stupid to notice that inserting a tab at the

This brought back some good (?) memories though. I used to work on
Sun WorkShop, the C/C++ IDE for Solaris from Sun, and one of the really nice things about the IDE was that it integrated (not emulated) the XEmacs and vi editors. So we shipped XEmacs with the product. Well, XEmacs came with a bunch of supporting packages, such as Zippy -- which had a large database of insults copackaged with it, ready to be automatically attached as e-mail signatures etc. People actually complained about this, so we removed some of these, and we added a script to the emacs source tree integration process which scanned for a list of "offensive words" and yanked elisp packages containing them!


  1. Not sure I'd call "really lame" profane.

  2. I agree -- that's why I put "obscene" in quotes :-)

  3. ....but some of he words I -did- check for would have fit that description...