Monday, June 13, 2005

See you soon?

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JavaOne 2005 is getting closer. I'm hoping many of you will be able to make it.
One of my favorite things about the conference is meeting people, especially
users, and now with this blog, readers!

If you haven't been able to talk your boss into sending you to JavaOne,
you should still come to
NetBeans Day
the day before - it's free. Check out the list of speakers!
I'll be giving a Creator demo there. Be the first to see Creator, The Next Generation!
(As you can see from the schedule, there are two tracks, and the Creator talk is
track B around one o'clock.)

At JavaOne, I will also be giving a talk on AJAX, with
Greg Murray,
the Servlet specification lead:

TS-7986: Rich Web Applications With the J2EETM Platform and AJAX

It's not a Creator talk; we will discuss strategies and implementation
issues for implementing AJAX-based web applications on the J2EE platform.
Be there or be static. (Put it in your schedule now.
Tuesday, June 28, 11am - Esplanade 307/310. Room capacity 1200.)

I might also be involved in some other demos but that's still TBD. And of
course, I'll be hanging around the Creator booth a lot, so if you find it
(which wasn't easy last year - I hope we get a better spot) please stop
by and introduce yourself!

Last but not least - not even CLOSE to least - the parties!
I'm not sure if we're having a Creator party, but if we do, I'm there.
And I definitely don't want to miss the Borland party! And I'll try to
crash as many other events as possible too!

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