Thursday, July 7, 2005

Code Completion in JSPs

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Somebody asked how to find out more about the new "ui" tags in Creator 2. This seems like a good opportunity to point out that we have code completion, and popup javadoc, for JSP tags as well. In particular, if you switch to the JSP view of your source files, put the caret over a tag like <ui:button>, and hit Ctrl-Space or Ctrl-\, you get a completion popup listing possible alternatives. As you walk around in the list with the arrow keys, the TLD doc for the tag is listed in the popup (which for java files show javadoc documentation for the methods). There's quite a bit of documentation for all the new components - look at the size of the scrollbar to get a sense of the size of the button help. Or better yet, go try this yourself!

Of course, you don't have to go to the JSP view and read tag documentation to learn about the components. In the Early Access version we don't have all the help for the new components written, but if you for example select the Button in the JSF Standard palette, you'll see that the dynamic help window begins with a help topic for the Button component. Double click on it and you can read component-oriented documentation on the button component. We'll be filling this out as we finish Creator 2.

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