Thursday, July 28, 2005

I'm back

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I'm finally back. I've been sick, my kids were sick, and I've taken some time off, so I've only worked a little bit now and then the last couple of weeks. But I'm feeling energized again and ready to go!

A couple of miscellaneous pointers:

  • There's a new
    article in eWeek on AJAX that talks about some trends
    and mentions Creator.
  • I did a chat on TopCoder a couple of weeks ago; the
    transcript is now available.
    I'm sun_1 - my responses are the lines colored in red.

  • I haven't tracked podcasting much, but that will have to change. The new
    JavaCast site looks interesting. I've
    met one of the guys behind it, Dick Wall, who in addition to being a really great guy is
    also a great engineer (check out some of his articles on, so I'm sure the content will
    be interesting!

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