Wednesday, November 30, 2005


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A month ago or so I blogged about the fact that Creator was offered for free. Unfortunately the wording in the various announcements used phrases like "Sun is currently offering..." which mde it sound like a temporary promotion - get your copy now or miss your chance. A free license is nice, but not the same as knowing you can continue to get the tool for free, including other coworkers in the future and so on.

As today's announcement makes clear (be sure to listen to the podcast audiofile linked from Johnny L's blog), this is no temporary marketing strategy. Sun is strategically moving towards free software. This will help drive volume, and indirectly, revenue. Johnny, and Jonathan, talk about this in many places.
Listen to the JavaPosse interview with Jonathan for example.
John Clingan also chimed in on today's announcement.

Oh... the link - get the software
here. I've only talked about Creator in this blog entry,
but you now get all the Enterprise software for free too.

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