Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Personal Touch

WARNING: This blog entry was imported from my old blog on (which used different blogging software), so formatting and links may not be correct.

The Creator website has had an extreme makeover. In addition to the new organization of the material, most of the graphics feature members of the Creator team. These images have captions, so you can read more if you're interested. If you click on the
link for example, you'll see (at the bottom) a team picture of most of the team. (The team is actually larger than that; you can find all the names in the
Easter Egg...).

In the Code tab you'll see Joe and I discussing some component metadata. We really needed to talk that day so we didn't have to fake discussion in front of the photographer. The feature we discussed was how to let components specify metadata that allows inline text editing for components that have multiple text related properties. I implemented that portion in the designer the next day, so with the next drop of Creator you'll see improved handling for components like Alert, where you can click and edit either the Detailed message or the Summary. Ditto for Labelled components etc.

I know they have more photos of team members they want to use, so the site will continue to be updated...

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