Friday, April 28, 2006

NetBeans Plugins I Use, part 4: Auto Spell Check

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I went to the Update Center and went checking for new features. On the nbextras site I found a new feature I instantly fell in love with.

This is a spell checker which lets you register dictionaries (the English ispell one is bundled), and then your javadoc comments are checked for spelling errors while you're editing, much like the java code is checked for parse errors. Any errors found are underlined - and there's even a quick tip which lets you instantly (Alt-Enter) replace the word with similar words in the dictionary.

After installing this, I opened a couple of files from the JSR 273 project (under development), and it instantly pointed me to several typos I then fixed! Here's one of them:

The plugin is also smart enough to not report typos for names following an @author tag, and so on. And the options panel lets you register additional dictionaries. It's easy to find many free ones for ispell on the web.

Very nice! Thanks Jan Lahoda. Now where's your blog? Actually never mind, don't let anything distract you from writing plugins in your spare time...

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