Friday, May 19, 2006

Java Posse live session

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We had a Java Posse live session at JavaOne. The room was packed and it was a blast. And I think the audience liked it too. We recorded it, so you can check out the audio here.

I just noticed that in O'Reilly's OnJava writeup, "JavaOne Day One" by Robert Cooper, he not only mentioned the event, but called it the highlight of the day! Thanks! He has a couple of pictures too. Check out the ridiculous hats! A really weird thing happened later that night at the pub. Somebody, nobody knew who, ran into the pub, grabbed the hat right off my hat and ran off! We never knew who took it. Hey, that was one quarter of the Java Posse's marketing budget :)

We've recorded many other interviews too, that will be posted gradually. Not only because it takes time to edit all that audio, but also such that we can be a bit lazy during the next few weeks, as we recover from JavaOne and all the preparations for it!


  1. We want more live JavaPosses! We want more beer!

  2. pleas show me visual basic 6