Friday, February 2, 2007

Ruby Screenshot of the Week #3

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Yes, the code is now in CVS. Please note that this is under active development. There are known bugs and instability. This is for early adopters only! As things get more stable we'll be making more official builds for a broader audience. I'll post a feature list here soon so you know what you can play with.

Did I mention that this may be unstable? Okay, good. I've posted screenshots here before, but remember that screenshots will show a particular case known to work, not a feature working in all conditions... Don't rush into this with high expectations. I will however be doing my best to fix bugs and add features. Please file bugs with Issuezilla in the scripting category with ruby as a sub category. Join the mailing lists to provide feedback and participate.

Did I mention that this is for early-adopter types only at this stage? Okay, good.

If you felt cheated by the above screenshot, here's another one. Can't remember the escapes in a Regular Expression? No problem!

This is not particular to regular expressions. Try it on dollar variables, or in literal strings. Here's another example:


  1. Way cool. Just one note on the script above ... it assumes you have "checkout -P" in your ~/.cvsrc file; otherwise the build will complain. Might want to include that note, or modify the example to explicitly include the "-P" option.

  2. The -P thing caught me a couple times too. DAMN YOU CVS. But this is super-dooper-great news. Finally I don't have to shy away from folks that want to know where they can get the new NB-Ruby stuff...I can point them in the right direction :)

  3. Cool!
    But, how about Groovy?

  4. This is very cool indeed. A few days ago I was feeling like experimenting with the support of NetBeans for Ruby and JavaScript, but I couldn't find the Ruby plugin. :-)
    Anyway, here's hoping that NetBeans will be scriptable with JRuby as well. I may need to create custom windows and launch custom things while capturing the output. The leverage over the alternatives would be if JRuby could be used for such things as well.
    Another thing for a long term goal is to try to clean up the interface for the folks who don't need Java or might need it only some times. A less cluttered interface would be awesome. Think "GVim" like.

  5. hello, just found this ruby effort for netbeans.
    looks very promising. one short question:
    will there be "fast" debugging support for rails applications? the ruby debugger is somewhat slow.
    there's a ruby-debug extension which is pretty fast.
    thought about implementing something like that?
    thank you. :)