Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ruby Screenshot of the Week #5

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Tim Bray just posted an entry on his first experiments with the Ruby and NetBeans support and in particular, talks about the syntax highlighting. I was already planning on spending this week's screenshot on the highlighting features, so I'll use Tim's ape.rb source code and show you a few more details:

Notice the following:

  • Notice how unused local variables are highlighted (see dummy which I inserted to make a point - that's not Tim's fault!).
  • Notice how the symbol under the caret gets highlighted along with all other uses of the same symbol! This is pretty useful when you're dealing with
    blocks for example - it will show you that a local variable may be used unintentionally as a block variable and will get modified as a side effect.
  • Notice how methods calls are highlighted in bold. This is handy when you have a typo, and what you thought was a local variable read is actually a call
    to an unbound method.
  • Notice how strings are lexed too. Here you can see that it's telling you (in red italics) "\n" is not expected as an escape code - this is a single quoted String after all.
  • Embedded Ruby code within Strings - #{ } - is properly shown as Ruby code. Occurrences highlighting and code completion works in these sections too.

Regarding the color choices, I should point out that these colors are consistent with the new colors in the Java support in NetBeans 6 - parameters are orange, fields green, unused items gray, and so on.

In doing this screenshot I noticed a couple of bugs I'm off to fix now!


  1. Juan Pablo TarquinoFebruary 27, 2007 at 6:53 AM

    Super nice! keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Tor!
    I also blogged lately about Ruby / Rails IDE comparison (and installation). I elected your NetBeans Module my editor of choice for the moment.

  3. This looks awesome! Can't wait until the final version! Do the current snapshots have debugger facilities?

  4. Nope - no debugger yet. I think that's scheduled for M8 - Martin (who's writing it) might be able to provide a more specific date.

  5. To get the bits, download NetBeans 6 M7, then go to the Daily update center, and in the "Features" category add "Ruby". That should pull in everything else you need.
    Be sure to update early & often.

  6. Congratulations! :-)
    When they optimize Ruby/JRuby's speed, it is going to be a marvel.

  7. Thanks. I have just installed and testing it out. Now, I can use in my mac too. [ I was able to compile it from linux and cygwin/winnt but able to compile netbeans on mac osx ]