Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NetBeans+Ruby Wiki Documents Available

WARNING: This blog entry was imported from my old blog on (which used different blogging software), so formatting and links may not be correct.

I have added a number of Ruby Documents to the NetBeans wiki.
You can now find a feature list, as well as instructions for both how to download and install the Ruby support as well as how to build it from scratch. And of course, the todo list!

Perhaps most important to those of you using the Ruby builds is the Recent Changes document, where I try to summarize important changes that are checked in.
As you can see, in the last week, the long startup indexing delays are gone, and code completion is smarter - it now tracks types of variables and fields in local scope - plus it better handles singleton classes.

If you haven't tried the Ruby support yet, the Installation document might be helpful.


  1. Hi Tor,
    Would you be able to clarify the best way to ensure we get updates to (a) Netbeans but also (b) ruby modules, as they are released? Are both checked in the netbeans update check?
    Also I did start from a daily netbeans release about a week ago. Do I need to need to do anything special here? I guess I'm not necessarily after the latest Netbeans daily features updates, BUT I am after daily updates (or all updates) you make to the ruby modules as they come out. Any advice here?
    PS. I know you code/podcast at the same time, but good to see you weren't skiing/coding at the same time in your recent photos :)

  2. Wow! You're my hero, Tor!
    With the better Ruby editors going either shaky or commercial (IDEA, Steel)... This is seriously a *good* thing.
    NetBeans has been a very good, stable platform since version 5.0 (dunno for former version, hehehe) and I've been even more ecstatic about it since hearing it'll support Ruby!
    Life has never been as good. :-)
    [the simple math question is tricky] :-P

  3. Hi Tor,
    i´m really happy about the ruby/rails support for the upcoming version of netbeans. meanwhile i´m working with the m7-version and got some questions i would like to ask u:
    1. is there already an option implemented to do migrations with rake? (at the moment i can only edit databases using sql-commands)
    2. is there an option to work with the ruby console in netbeans?
    i´m trying to use netbeans with an already installed ruby/rails version on my system (to get the opportunity to use migrations), but i can´t bring it to work.

  4. I'm liking NB6+Ruby thus far (looks beautiful on Mac, but worse than Eclipse on Ubuntu).. just 1 last thing..
    Is there an equivalent of "Open Resource" in Eclipse for Netbeans? The "Go to type" doesn't seem to work for Ruby
    Since not everything can be covered by "open declaration" and lots of files aren't (e.g. .rhtml)... such search-as-i-type & opening of any file in the project is really handy - basically I never have to traversing the GUI file-tree (even quick-search can't compare)

  5. Yeah Tor!
    At first sight, the syntax highlighting is IMPRESSIVE. It's great. It may be of very near quality to VS 2005 or maybe same or maybe even better! I like it a lot.
    The code hint/autocompletion still "doesn't work". It doesn't recognize even the most common classes like File... do I have to setup anything? (I thought it automatically searches areas like /usr/lib/ruby, but maybe I'm wrong)
    Using Kubuntu 6.10 + NetBeans 6 M7 + the latest ruby-hudson.
    Ah well, never mind, I'll try to play around with it more later.
    With RadRails+Aptana joining forces "from the Eclipse side?", NetBeans-Ruby(+JRuby) is seriously a killer thing!! :-)
    [still, the math 'captcha' question is difficult] :-)

  6. Hi Tor

    If I have an existing project (using TextMate) if I use NetBeans for this project is it non-intrusive?
    i.e. does netbeans add any "project" files to the source area? Just wanting to confirm whether I could swap back-and-forward between NetBeans and TextMate without a hitch.


  7. Hi Greg,
    NetBeans will create one directory in the source area called "nbproject". It will place all metadata there. If you're using something like CVS you should add it to .cvsignore, unless others want to share your projects - in which case you can check them in. (There may be a "private/" directory under nbproject which stores per-user project settings such as run configurations which should not be checked in - if you use version control from within NetBeans it would enforce this.)

  8. I checked out the filesearch (HEAD and the said branch), included the NBM into my Netbeans' modules but still don't see a diff in the "Go to type". Maybe I'm doing the modules stuff wrong.

    Anyways, hope to see it in the NB6 build soon! I'll cross over from Eclipse (RadRails) then

  9. Will this be bundled with NetBeans 6 when it's released?
    I really hope so as it'd be much better than downloading this plugin, that plugin.
    Ruby support is a definite necessity.

  10. I'm anxiously awaiting debugging support. :)
    Thanks for this, I've always loved the NetBeans IDE.

  11. Well Matt, in that case I have good news for you - debugging support landed yesterday! Be sure to check the wiki page since getting fast debugging requires some manual setup steps... (plus while has it it may take a few more days for the daily update center to get it)

  12. Tor,

    Q1 - Is it possible to indicate on your "RubyRecentChanges" wiki page what the Ruby modules that have changed are, and what version they are. ie we can then match this in with what we see under the Module version numbers displayed in Netbeans.

    Q2 - Is there a way in NetBeans to do a manual update on just the modules already installed. If I go update it takes me to the download centre and it seems as if you have to manually pick which modules to update?



  13. Is it just me, or has been down for several days now? The Update Center in NB 6 appears stuck at the 3/20 version of the Ruby editing feature, and I can't seem to get the nightly Hudson builds at all :(