Saturday, March 24, 2007

Posse Roundup Pictures

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Here's a few photos from the Java Posse Roundup 2007.

Here's some of the posters we had on the wall - one for each day, segmented by the different rooms and
timeslots. People could convene talks by writing a topic on a post-it; some of these would get shuffled around.

We had "Lightning Talks" in the evenings - a topic of your choice, limited to 5 minutes.

Here are some photos from the lightning talks.

Joel Neely is talking about the different algorithms
used to spacing between letters in typography, using "Java Posse" as an example.

Here's Joe and Carl. At one point the powerstrip next to my feet had 8 identical Mac power adapters plugged into it...

In the afternoons, we'd go up to the world class skiing slopes in Crested Butte.

Finally, if you listened to episode 10x, you might be curious why Carl and Dick couldn't keep a straight face while listening to Joe - because they suddenly found a jackalope starting down at them:

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  1. Cool! Watching those pictures, I want to listen to the explanation about letters spacing AND go try those ski slopes :)