Monday, May 14, 2007

It's Over!

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JavaOne 2007 is over. I haven't been blogging lately, and I can truly blame that on JavaOne. It turned out really busy for me: Two keynote demos, one technical session, two Java Posse appearances (our BOF, and NetBeans Day), and a half hour demo at NetBeans day. In addition, the Java Posse got full press treatment this time around, so we had tons of interviews lined up. The picture below was taken right after the Friday keynote when we chatted with James Gosling - in full Posse regalia.

If that doesn't sound all that busy, remember that keynote demos have rehearsals as well as machine setup times, the technical session needed slide edits, etc. I haven't posted any Ruby feature updates recently, and that's partially because I've been busy preparing for JavaOne. That doesn't mean the time has been wasted, though - in actually using the Ruby support as opposed to just building it and testing simple scenarios to see whether a new feature works or not, I discovered lots of issues that have been fixed. Thus, the current trunk build is in much better state than the Milestone 9 bits. Somebody asked us after the Ruby Tooling talk whether the bits we were using are available. They are; get NetBeans 6 milestone 9, and then install the trunk Ruby bits. There are some new features to use as well - I will document those in a separate blog entry.

First however I need to go through my inbox and catch up on all those e-mails I've been ignoring lately. If you're one of them, I sincerely apologize.

Finally, let me end by saying that it was really fun meeting so many of you at JavaOne. To those of you who stopped by and just said thanks for either the Ruby support, or the Java Podcast podcast, I truly appreciate it. Knowing that people find it fun or useful really inspires me to keep going. And don't forget, the Java Posse is doing a live recording tomorrow night at the Silicon Valley Java Users Group, hosted by Verisign. There will be free pizza and beer - and we'll be summing up our impressions from JavaOne. Hope to see some of you there!

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  1. Hi Tor,
    I just wanted to complement you on the wonderfull demo you did in friday keynote. I think a lot of people have been blown away by the power and possibilities of the new Netbeans in various forms (Java / Ruby / Rails).
    Keep up the good work; hope to see more from in the future
    If you are ever interested in crossing the ocean and present netbeans and rails development at an NLJUG conference, please drop me a line.