Friday, September 7, 2007

New Demo Screencasts Available

WARNING: This blog entry was imported from my old blog on (which used different blogging software), so formatting and links may not be correct. was recently launched. It's a community site where you can view, upload and rate videos related to NetBeans, such as demos and tutorials, interviews, and so on.

Cindy Church has recorded and edited together three demos where I show NetBeans and the Ruby support.

  1. The JavaOne Demo (9 minutes). This is roughly the same outline I followed for the demo in James Gosling's keynote at JavaOne this year. It's a demo which shows both Java and Ruby editing capabilities as I create some JPA entity classes in Java, and then proceed to access these from a Rails application using JRuby.

    • You can download a higher resolution version of the video here (120Mb).
    • The demo script is available here.

  2. Code completion (2 minutes). In this brief demo I show some simple code completion scenarios for Ruby. You can also download a higher resolution version (27 Mb) of the video. I was winging this demo (without a script) so I didn't spend much time on the various types of code completion, but take a look at this blog entry where I get into a bit more detail. Also note that the code completion documentation has some additional smarts to it above what rdoc gives you, described here.

  3. Quick Fixes
    (3½ minutes). In this demo I show some of the quick fixes available for Ruby. Some additional hints were added after the demos were recorded - take a look at
    this wiki page for an up to date list.
    You can also download a higher resolution version (44 Mb) of the video.

Seeing myself on the video screen makes me super happy that Java Posse is an audio-only podcast!

A big thanks to Cindy Church and Mike Quillman who did all the hard work on these demos.

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