Friday, November 28, 2008

NetBeans Screenshot of the Week #38: E4X Support

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As part of the JavaScript 1.7 work,
I also beefed up the E4X support. E4X allows you to embed XML objects
directly in your JavaScript source. Here's some simple E4X JavaScript:

We've had E4X support in NetBeans in both NetBeans 6.1 and 6.5. But now, in NetBeans 7.0, semantic highlighting is E4X aware, such that the source code looks like this instead:

The whole XML document declaration has a faint purple background, element names are blue and document content is bolded.
(The green here, as for all JavaScript code in NetBeans, indicates variables in global scope.)

Another new E4X feature is formatting/pretty printing. If you press Alt-Shift-F to format the above source, the E4X is
reformatted and indented:

In addition, the navigator window shows the logical structure of the XML document as well. Clicking in the source
will expand and select the corresponding item in the navigator, and conversely double clicking in the navigator
warps the source to the corresponding location in the XML declaration:

Finally, there's some primitive support in code completion for the XML document:

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