Sunday, May 8, 2005

CSS Cheat Sheet

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Here's a handy
cheat sheet for CSS, which includes selectors, the box model, and organizes the various
properties into logical categories. Read the full explanation
here. You'll still want a bookmark to
spec property index though.

Dave Hyatt, who works on the Safari browser (but used to work on Gecko, the rendering engine
in Mozilla and Firefox) recently posted a fascinating blog entry on
some optimization possibilities in CSS browser implementations.
As part of his long discussion, he mentions that both Gecko and Safari call HTML attributes that
affect CSS "mapped attributes".
I didn't know that -- in my code I've called them non-CSS presentational hints, as in
applyNonCssPresentationalHints(). Yep - super ugly
name but that's what
the CSS spec calls them.
I like "mapped attributes" better so I think I'm going to rename my related methods!

Finally, JSR 273 which I recently mentioned was
discussed on the
ServerSide the last couple of days, but the signal to noise ratio was extremely low. However
the referenced Artima interview with Joe is good.

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