Monday, May 30, 2005

Four Ways to Add a Component

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Sorry for the recent radio-silence on this channel. I've been sick, and my kids were too, so it's been pretty tough - especially last week. But I took some sick-days off from work and really rested and that did wonders. I'm back in business now!

Here's a little tip you might not know: there are multiple ways to get a component from the palette onto the canvas.

  • You can drag & drop it. That one should be obvious...

  • You can just click on the palette item to select it. Now move the cursor over the designer. Notice the crosshairs cursor - this
    is telling you you're about to drop a component.

    • You can click again to just drop the component at the cursor location.

    • You can drag out a rectangle. When you release, not only will the component be dropped
      at the cursor location, but it will also have its size set to match the rectangle you swiped out.

  • You can double click on the palette item. This will insert the component in the natural document flow,
    rather than using absolute positions. This is probably how you'll want to add a heading fragment or logo image, for example.

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