Sunday, May 1, 2005


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Creator ships with a script under startup/bin named (there's a .bat file there for Windows too).
You can use this to start the Application Server from the command line.
One of the arguments to this script is -reset:

% ./startup/bin/ -reset
The domain (creator) isn't running.
CLI157 Could not stop the domain creator.
WARNING: The --adminpassword option is insecure and should not be used since it can compromise your password. Please use either the command prompt or the --passwordfile
Using default port 8,686 for JMX_ADMIN.
Domain creator created.
Starting Domain creator, please wait.
Log redirected to /home/tor/SunAppServer8.1/domains/creator/logs/server.log.

One of the nice things about this script is that it not only starts the app server - it completely resets it, by throwing away the entire Creator domain. Every time you deploy a new application it's added into the domain and restarted the next time. This is a feature - you wouldn't want to have to redeploy all your web applications if you needed to restart your system for some reason. But of course these add overhead. If you know you're not using any of the previously deployed web apps, you can just remove them. There are ways to do that through the Admin Console (on port 14848), or even via the Server Navigator, but I like using the script to get a completely fresh start, especially if I'm going to give a demo :-) If only I had used this before....

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