Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Authorization servlet filter for JavaServer Faces

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Alexis has written a blog entry on
how to add an
authorization servlet filter for JSF
. This will allow you to prevent users from accessing your web app
pages directly via URLs, bypassing your navigation logic. Check it out! Alexis works at Sun France and was our host
during the trip
to Paris last fall. He's
been a really great tools evangelist!

In other news, some of you have asked when Creator 2, now in
Early Access,
will ship. David Folk from marketing responded.

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  1. Thanks for the plug Tor! As written in my blog, all credits for this post should go to Craig (and to the customer who asked the question in the first place).

    The Creator team is really what makes me want to "preach" this tool. You've been *very* supportive.

    Maybe having me steal some of Craig's thunder will have him dedicate a few CPU cycles to getting back to blogging...

    Craig ? ;-)