Monday, August 8, 2005

Creator 2 Review

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eWEEK Labs has reviewed Creator 2 Early Access.
My favorite quote has to be this:

What will lose that audience in moments, though, after 14 years of conditioning by Microsoft Corp.'s Visual Basic and its many imitators, is anything less than full drag-and-drop convenience. Having reviewed a decade's worth of Java tools that have tried to do this with varying success, we feel as if JSC2 is finally there. Not only is it easy to do things correctly in JSC2, but it's also - and this is at least as important - difficult to mess things up. We're used to finding ways to break the multilateral links among visual and code-focused tools, but JSC2 proved immune to our deliberate attempts to confuse it.

We do know about the bugs and performance issues in the EA bits though. Believe me, we know intimately: we're in a bug fix phase now so every day each developer starts by looking over the personal bug list and attacking it in priority order!

I don't have the bugids memorized - but at one point I actually did! Early on in Creator development, when we were just a small
skunkworks project named Rave, we were using Scarab for bug tracking.
One of the nice things about Scarab is that the bug ids were easy to remember; they had the subsystem name plus a 3 digit number after it.
Thus, you'd have bugs like WEBFORM152, or WINSYS250. These bugs, particularly the notorious ones, were easy enough to remember by id.

Every week towards the end before our first public demo, we'd do a team run-through with that mornings bits, testing the scenario we were planning to show. On several occasions we'd hit a glitch that I recognized as a duplicate of one particularly nasty window system bug, so I'd call out "That's just good old WINSYS106!".

I don't have the bug ids memorized anymore. Not only because we're using Sun's enterprise bug database where bug ids are seven digits long, but I'm only looking at my own bugs these days, and I don't want to get familiar with them, I want to squish them before we get acquainted...

In other news, I saw
this article
on Sun funding Derby database development. So hopefully the database 5Mb limit days are not here to stay...

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