Friday, August 5, 2005

NetBeans versus Eclipse!!

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There's no better way to get attention than with a subject like that!
There's a new JavaCast podcast out. This is a new "weekly radio program" on
Java and what's happening in the Java world. If you have iTunes, or other podcasting software, it's trivial to subscribe
to the weekly feek - just follow the links from
the JavaCast page.
Of course, you can just listen to the MP3 file directly.

So why did I use such a controversial subject for this blog entry?

In this week's JavaCast, I'm the interview subject. One of the things I talk about is the "IDE war" - addressing
why I don't think NetBeans should give up just because Eclipse have signed up so many partner companies.
Other things I address is Class Library Development versus Component Based Development, I talk about my observation
that many server-side framework pundits seem to have tools phobia, and of course I talk a bit about AJAX and about Creator.

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  1. Interesting comments (good to hear your voice) and... what an awesome program! It's as new and revolutionary as blogging about Creator and NetBeans, etc.