Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Creator 2 is OUT!

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Stop the presses - Creator 2 has been launched! Having spent an enormous number of hours on it (and blood, sweat and tears - tears of joy that is), it feels great to finally draw the line in the sand and declare it done. Yes, we have more features to do. Yes, we have more performance work to do. But the product has made a huge leap forwards from Creator 1, and can really make web application development trivial, even for developers completely unfamiliar with J2EE and web programming in general.

I could mention the new stuff in Creator 2 here - but the

Creator web site

has been redesigned for the launch of Creator 2 and is a great resource to take a look at. Be sure to view the flash demo of the product, and read the feature list. I mentioned some awards last week.

Most importantly, download the bits and try the product! It's free!!! Once you do, make sure you look at the Learning part of the web site - there are tons of tutorials and tips that tell you how to do all kinds of things - from navigation to validation to database CRUD to portlets to webservices to AJAX and on and on!

Here's a toast to all who contributed to Creator 2, not just the Creator team and management but all our users, beta testers, reviewers and others who have provided feedback. Cheers! Skål! On to Creator 3!

Available Free!
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  1. Sorry to say this, but it seems off to a bad start: the download link (after login to the SDN) http://developers.sun.com/members/promo/freetools/jscreator2.jsp returns "Not Found".

  2. hmm...installer is giving me serious headaches...this one may need a little more TLC before release...

  3. (That was the bad download link issue).
    Regarding the installer headaches -- can you be a little bit more specific about what problem you're seeing? QA etc. haven't reported any problems with installers on the various platform so it would be great to hear more about the specific platform and issues observed.

  4. Creator 2 is an absolutely cracking IDE. It feels highly polished and performance is excellent. I'm really enjoying using it.
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. Some premature carping on my part. My bad. The JAS install went badly due to an existing productregistry file in my systemdir. The release notes cleared that up for me. The step in the installer that checks for post access seemed a but flakey to me, though, sometimes hanging with a message to "read this important information" or something and the next button being grayed out. CLicking back and then forward would bypass the step and continue on.

  6. Hi! Creator 2 is great. But I have a stupid problem. Creator 2 is shipped with Java 1.5 but how do I enable all the Java 1.5 features? I especially need Generics and Annotations. If it isn't possible I'm forced to use something else because great parts of my project need annotations. :-(