Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mark Occurrences

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Sandip "Plugin" Chitale

has published yet another NetBeans module. This one adds a toggle button to the toolbar, which when enabled, causes occurrences to be highlighted in the editor. For example, if you put the caret on a field, all uses of that field in the file are highlighted. As another example, if you place the caret on a method declaration, then all exit points from that method (return statements, throw statements) are highlighted. And so on and so forth. Read the
full description with screenshots and take it for a spin. Works like a charm with NetBeans 5.0 RC2.

Here's a sample screenshot from his blog showing what happens if you put the caret on a formal parameter in a method declaration (unfortunately the blinking caret didn't show up in the screenshot but imagine that it's on the highlighted parameter):

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that some of the screenshots did not catch the blinking caret. The location of the caret is very crucial to workings of this NetBeans.