Monday, January 23, 2006

NetBeans Extras

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Andrei Badea, Petr Hrebejk, and Trung Duc Tran have set up their own web site,, which has one primary feature:

  • It's an Auto Update site for additional plugin modules for NetBeans.

Users can contribute modules for NetBeans, and these are then made available on the update center.
Here's how you can add the update center to your own NetBeans installation.

The thinking behind this is that NetBeans itself tries to provide a very coherent and clean user interface, with all the different parts working seamlessly together. However, there's a growing number of useful plugins that may not yet be ready for inclusion into the standard distribution. This site tries to make it easy to share these. And of course the site also provides a blog interface so it's easy to track new additions, and discuss plugins you're using with others. I've seen lots of useful plugins, and use several myself (such as
this, and others)

that I build from source in the NetBeans source tree's contrib CVS module. Here's to hoping these will all be provided in binary form on the nbextras site soon. (Yeah I know, it's a volunteer effort, perhaps I should upload them myself!)

Go check it out, and contribute in any way you can - with your own plugin modules, or with useful feedback on what's there.

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