Wednesday, February 1, 2006

New Creator Bloggers

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mention new bloggers on the Creator team when they started up - but I've missed a whole bunch of recent(?) additions.
Even my boss is blogging! Many of the Creator blogs are listed here. Take a look at Tutorial Divas for example for a wealth of Creator tips and howtos.

I was just talking to some customers yesterday about AJAX, and they were wondering about the performance impact of adding AJAX to your JSF application. Well, now it should be easy to measure it. In Marco's blog he shows how to use the profiler to profile your deployed application.

Finally, note that nearly all these blogs are on In a recent bile blog Sun is criticized for too much cheerleading on From reading the blog entry it sounds like that guy should spend a little less time porn surfing and a little more time trying out our software :) Seriously though, I post regularly about Creator and NetBeans because I like these tools, because I think the message of Sun's tools resurgence hasn't really gotten out there, and because people who read my blog generally appreciate tips and tricks for these tools. Particularly on you'll see lots of talk about Sun products. That shouldn't be a surprise - we "fly our own airplanes" here - we use our own software, and therefore we end up talking about it. Others are welcome to do the same with their own blogs. Just stop reading blogs where you find the signal-to-noise ratio too low. I don't see a problem here.

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  1. Very well put! I personally find a lot of 'tool-angry' ones ... all of them suspicious about trying out 'new things'.
    Since I had the opportunity to learn more about AR (augmented reality) and present my first papers (WRA05) for two AR authoring systems I became very engaged on learning Java and its related technologies in depth. And while I finish my bachelor's degree back here in Brazil I wonder why is there still this kind of 'pointing haze' in the air. Cheers! Francinee!