Saturday, September 3, 2005

Code Advice "Column"

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I've discussed coding style a couple of times before in this blog, and it invariably generates a lot of interest and discussion.
It seems I'm not the only one who cares a lot about these issues.

I recently tried to explain the coding style I've used in the Creator designer source base, to somebody else on the team.
When I tried to provide references I came up short.
There are several coding style guidelines - and I tend to follow
the JDK one - but the problem with the official coding
style document is that it leaves out a lot! For example, it does not address the Tabs versus Spaces issue (cowards!).

I found some other good ones, but I disagree vehemently
with some of their rules (like open braces on a separate line,
and underscore suffixes and fields, and indentation level 2).

So, I intend to start blogging my opinions on how to write good code. Some will be controversial - especially my first "rule"
regarding logging!
Note that no rule is absolute - there are always exceptions and you need go consider the tradeoffs and apply good judgement.

I also shouldn't take "full credit". I have not invented most of these practices. Some I have learned from developers whose
style I admire. Others have come about as the result of (sometimes heated) discussions with other programmers.
And finally, some have I have learned from my own past mistakes.

Take everything with a grain of salt - but I hope you will find these entries, at least some of them, helpful.

Update 10/15/06: Here are the entries as of today:

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  1. FWIW, one of the better style guides I've seen for Java comes from Howard Fear:
    I don't agree with all of it, but it is worth reading.