Wednesday, September 14, 2005

New Bits Available! New Features!

WARNING: This blog entry was imported from my old blog on (which used different blogging software), so formatting and links may not be correct.

An update to the early access version of Creator 2 is now available.

The high level changes in the update are described here.

Here's my own list of stuff to look for in the update - heavily skewed towards the changes in the designer and related areas!

  • It now runs on (and in fact, ships with) JDK 5.0.

  • Various memory leaks have been fixed so it doesn't deteriorate over extended use. However,
    performance work is still ongoing.
  • We now have inline editing of buttons, textfields and textareas as well. Note that when you
    drop a button you immediately edit its name. This is to strongly encourage you to provide a
    specific label rather than relying on defaults (which vary from browser to browser, and can interfere
    with your layout.) To enter inline editing mode (which is done by default for buttons, but not
    for text fields), click twice, or hit F2, or use the Edit <Property> context menu item.

    (Tip: When you're editing text in a multi-line text field, enter inserts a newline. To commit
    the text edits, hit Shift+Enter, or as with any other inline editing operation, click outside
    the inline editing component. Press Escape to cancel editing.)

  • Some new designtime behavior has been added for components. Check out the Tab Set for example.
    They now come pre-configured with an associated grid panel for each tab. The components placed in
    this grid panel will show up only when the associated tab is selected. Finally, easy tab panels
    without needing to create multiple pages!
    And in the designer you
    can click on the Tabs at designtime to automatically switch the rendered view so you can easily
    design each tab.

  • The property sheet shows values that are different from the defaults in bold! See screenshot; style and
    text properties have been changed, whereas the columns property, 20, is just an inherited default:

  • Page fragments work better now. I'll probably blog on that separately.

  • Component metadata can now specify the default text for event handlers. These are now more helpful, hopefully
    giving you some specific hints as to what you need to do. For example, if you add a validate event handler for
    a text field, the default method inserted in your page bean is this:

    Note also that the parameter names in the event handlers are much better (they used to be composed by simply
    taking the capital letters from the type name; e.g. a FacesContext parameter would be named fc.)
    As you can see, it's now named context, just like in the interface definition for Validator.

  • Creator now supports JSF refactoring. I'll wait a couple of days and see if Eric blogs
    on it (he did the work); if not I'll talk more about it.

Please take it for a spin and give us feedback.


  1. Here are something I found:
    1) Cannot easily add component to column header
    2) Tabpane does not work (click generate String class cast exception)
    3) Drop component (calendar) to tabpane does not work (it drops, but not enclosed by tabpane).
    4) I manually move them inside a tab in tabpane, when click on the popup button of the calendar, the thing show at a different place
    5) Clicking outside, or escape does not hide calendar (other than select a date, or click on the button again)
    6) The calendar does not show date before 2005 (maybe just some configuration thing)
    7) The calendar does not show the manual change of the date in the calendar text (for example, enter 10/10/1980, then click cal popup, it shows a diff. date)
    8) The default gride is too big (should be half as big)
    9) Javascripts component does not work? I don't know how to use it after drop it in the page.
    10) In the javascript code snippet, I double click on the cookie script couple times, and the stuffs show up on the screen of the design view)
    11) The table is very beautiful, but sorting on other columns other than 1st is tricky, and maynot work. It's either not working or confusing to normal users.
    12) Select column item on the navigator would highlight the 1st column cell in the design (not the column header).

  2. Thank you! I've forwarded your list to Creator's QA group.